Monday, March 21, 2011

22nd Annual Tagaman Triathlon

The winning bike ridden by Sam Gardner. He actually had a crash at Banzai Cliff due to the strong winds. The disc wheels made it even harder.
Renata at 4:30am on race morning, getting ready for the race.
There were over 120 participants in this year's Tagaman, more than last year. A triathlon team from Busan, Korea brought about 45 members!
I spotted Derek at the Banzai Cliff turnaround. Suicide Cliff in the background is a nice backdrop.
Suzie Snyder from Virgina, won the women's race, 7 minutes ahead of the others.
Mieko Carey won 2nd place women's! Wow! She has improved so much! We're so proud of Saipan's favorite pro!
Renata and Jeff race to the finish line! Jeff was a on a team with Grace Kimball and Kieran Daly. They finished as the second team while Renata finished 4th women's.
Taga Kids had their race on Saturday afternoon. Logan won first in the 9-12 age group. Blake also raced and Dylan will enter next year.
Sam Gardner, the Tagaman triathlon once again! Congratulations on an exciting race and looking forward to seeing you in 2012.

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