Monday, March 7, 2011

Old Friends

Miwa and I met over thirty years ago when her family moved from Tokyo to Rolling Hills. Our first trip was when we were 10 & 11 yrs old and our parents decided to take a golf trip to Pebble Beach together. Although we've both grown up, it's great to be able to reconnect, reminisce about our younger days and enjoy the time we're able to share now. We still have so much in common and it's great to know that true friendships last a lifetime.
Thank you, Miwa chan!
We had a delicious Japanese lunch with seasonally fresh ingredients.
Afterwards, we walked around the Mitsukoshi department store and bought some treats. There was a counter with various flavors of my most favorite cake, Baum Kuchen. Miwa chan was kind to buy me a box!
They also sold shu-cream (cream puffs) in assorted flavors, all square-shaped. We bought a few of those as well.Miwa chan bought her family the sakura roll (cherry blossom cake).
We also enjoyed some tea cake which was sprinkled with edible gold dust. So cool.
We spent a few hours just talking and enjoying each other's company. Although we're grown women now, we still call each other "chan" instead of "san" because that's how we've always addressed one another. Childhood friendships are wonderful and I'm truly blessed to have a beautiful, kind friend like Miwa.

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