Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Breakfast Club at the Sunday Games

The Breakfast Club (Tim, Brad, Deborah, Russ and me) got up early and arrived at the HKG stadium around 7:20am to obtain the best seats. With a 60% chance of rain forecasted for the day, we intelligently reserved three rows of 3~4 seats just under the overhang so that we would remain dry. We were told the day before that there was a queue of people arriving at 7am so our goal was to get the best seats possible for the Sunday game and we did. For a short while, a Japanese woman who called herself "Bubbles" sat just behind us in her white balloon costume.
We were much closer to the field so we saw all the teams warming up on the sidelines before each match.
Bryan showed up around 9am in his bright fluorescent golf shirt. We may actually use that shirt for next year's costume as it's easily visible.
For lunch, we wandered in the rain toward Causeway Bay but stopped at a new building which had 28 floors and some restaurants. We picked Moma which served dim sum so Tina and I went there to evade the weather and watch the games at the bar. The picture of our feet is at the landing of the steps where it's clear glass from the 28th floor to the street level. The dim sum was OK, not fabulous but the atmosphere of the swanky restaurant/bar was nice!
We returned to the stadium just in time to watch the semi-finals of the Bowl match between US and Japan! Below, the US are in blue and Japan in red. Fans roared with cheer when Japan beat the US! Go Nippon!
During the halftime show, there was a parade of nations.
Carlsberg beer was one of the main sponsors of the games so I took a photo with the hat and beer in hand. The lady behind me actually spilled her cup of beer on my purse later that day.
Tyce thought it was funny to squeeze his plastic cup and let beer pop out of it. Here, Angie positioned herself to catch a few drops.
The first match of the day started at 9am and the final game started just before 7pm. By the end, the 40,000 person capacity stadium was full!
Right before the final game, there was a drunk man who averted the police and security and jumped onto the field. He managed to grab and kick a ball on the field and run away for a short while from the police. He was eventually caught when he tripped. It took 6 men to drag him off the field while the crowd booed.
I had one sip of beer the entire weekend as I'm not a fan of it but the thousands of other fans loved it!
The Cup Final game was a match between New Zealand and England with England as the favorites. The Kiwi's played extremely well and dominated the match early on and won by 12 points.
After the final, there was a band presentation on the field with the winning team in the background (All Blacks).
This was Brad and Deborah's first trip to the Seven's. They didn't realize how crazy the fans could get and enjoyed the matches and the fun environment.
Friday and Saturdays matches aligned the teams into different pools.
Kenya won the Shield.
Canada won the Bowl (They were really good!)
South Africa won the Plate. I thought about the movie "Invictus" watching them play!
And, the Kiwis won the coveted Cup!
Congratulations to all teams!

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