Monday, March 7, 2011

Coach Quinn

Russ keeps himself busy with tons of activities. This past weekend was the AVC Subzonal Olympic Qualifying Beach Volleyball tournament where national teams from Australia, Papua New Guinea, Guam and CNMI competed to advance to the next regional tournament.

Russ wore his Coach Quinn Tshirt throughout the weekend. The CNMI teams consisted of Tyce & Chris, Melody & sister Amanda along with two high school teams competing for the experience. Amber Roberts & Toni Yamada along with Clay McCullough-Stearns & Andy Nutting faced tough games against the other nations.
I watched the match where Tyce and Chris played against the Australia's first tier team.
They played well but Australia's teams train on a totally different level and are Olympic-bound.
At courtside, I saw Mayumi san and Kina, Harley's sister watching the games. Kina was only interested in playing with the balls.

George, the Rottweiler puppy, fell asleep in my lap and forgot about the games. He's adorable and has grown so quickly!

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