Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hello, Hong Kong!

We arrived Friday night after a 4.5 hour flight from Guam to Hong Kong. On the flight, we watched "The King's Speech" with Colin Firth. We all rated it a "two thumbs up". After checking into the JJ Hotel in Wanchai we ventured out near midnight around the neighborhood to find friends and celebrate the start of Angie's birthday.
It was really crowded with lots of rugby fans hanging out and partying. The streets were packed with hundreds of people. We missed Day 1 of the matches on Friday.
Our little group huddled together and scanned the crowd. It had been 8 years since we last came to the Hong Kong Sevens.
Deborah, Brad, Tina and I went across the street to the Hay Hay House to eat some midnight shrimp wonton noodles. The broth was really good! The bad thing about the restaurant was that Deborah saw one of the cooks smoking in the kitchen.
We found Steve and Larisa near Mis Amis. He arrived from Manila and she from Singapore.
Angie took a photo with the orange suit guy since we admired his ruffled shirt and top hat.
On Saturday morning, we arrived a bit too late to the games and all the preferred seats were taken. After sitting at one of the private company's box seats, we finally transferred to the 3rd floor seats close to the south stands. We now know better to go EARLY to get the good seats!
Our costumes this year were a bit tame. We wore "I Love Saipan" T-shirts with mwars and hair hats. In years past, we used to be the crazy ones with matching outfits, but this year, there were tons of fans dressed in outrageous costumes.
The games were pretty exciting and we watched 22 nations battle it out on the field. Here's the US vs China (US won).
The vitamin water gang...
Tyce and Angie celebrating her 40th birthday! We had breakfast at the Flying Pan which is highly recommended. It's on the 3rd floor of Lockhart/Luard streets.
In the south stands, fans wore panchos, gladiator gear and a multitude of other outfits. Near the early afternoon, we saw pitchers of beer flying through the stadium and a three hour queue just to get into the south side.
Team Japan gained a lot of applause and they fared quite well, even beating the US in the semi-finals for the Plate.
We took Angie to Lane Crawford in Causeway Bay to get a makeover. Doesn't she look great?
The fruit looked delicious so I bought some mangoes.
I wish we had fresh fruit stands like this in Saipan!

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