Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Saturday was a fun day as we sat in three different areas and ate mass quantities of stadium food. Russ enjoyed his hot dog at the games!
Tim in the crazy glasses..
Steve looking rather stoic...
Walking back from the 40,000 person stadium to the hotel, I saw this street sign in Causeway Bay near Times Square. Angie, Tina and I took a couple hours out to shop.
For Angie's birthday, we went out to the IFC Building to a restaurant called Isola's in Central. The IFC Building is one of the taller buildings in HKG and there's also a nice mall that surrounds it. Isola's food was good, but the atmosphere was very nice!
Russ' fish was fantastic! And, I also enjoyed the pizza and soup.
From outside the building, Russ took this photo looking up to the top of the IFC Building. It was raining and cloudy so we couldn't really see the very top!

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