Thursday, March 3, 2011

Marianas Cup 2011 - Beach Volleyball Festival

On Friday evening at the Fiesta courts, the public was able to come watch Japanese and American pros play exhibition matches. For the first time ever, the Japanese women's team beat the Americans. This was a great feat as the US had won all matches in the 19 year history.

On Saturday morning, Russ teamed up with Yujiro, one of the Japanese pros and played well in their pool. They won four out of five matches that day.
I caught Russ with his mouth wide open as his opponent was jumping to tap the ball over.
In the evening, we all went to Spicy Thai for some yummy, spicy Thai food! AVP Pros Angela, Paul and Jenn enjoy their visit to Saipan.
Cramer sported a fake mustache and posed for a picture with his buddies.
On Sunday morning, Russ and Yujiro won their first match.
Harley came to the beach on Sunday morning to swim, play in the sand and bark at us.

The awards banquet was lively as we sat with the champions from Japan. Proficient in Japanese, Amy, a teacher from Saipan Int'l School, poses with winner Daisuke Matsumoto, Angela Lewis, Tyce Mister (2nd place), Yasuo Nakaya (2nd place) and a female Japanese player.
Here, Russ poses with Coach Go (Japan's national beach volleyball coach) and one of the winners, Jenki Hatabe.
All the first to third place winners of the tournament with Laurie Peterka, the NMIVA president and organizer. Congratulations, everyone!

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