Friday, March 11, 2011


On Tuesday evening, I met Keiko san at a new restaurant in Roppongi Hills called Potager. This unique restaurant specializes in vegetable sushi! The first course was a sweet potato soup with baked chips.
The second was risotto enveloped in a radish adorned with an edible flower.
The next dish was so interesting and delicious. It was a broth with pumpkin, carrots with a vegetarian compote.
The main dishes are the faux sushi rolls. The "uni" was actually curried carrot, the silverfish was organic grilled onion and the "squid" was radish.
The second platter consisted of gobo with ume sauce, the "tekka maki" was actually tomato and the "scallops" were grilled enoki mushrooms. The selections were so imaginative and tasty!
Keiko san and I are also connected through PIC. We met at PIC Phuket 20 years ago when she worked at the Tokyo office. We have kept in contact ever since and continue to see each other in Japan to enjoy new restaurants all around Tokyo.
The next dish was delicately presented on a beautiful slate color plate. All three pieces were made from organic tomatoes! There are over 200 varieties of tomatoes.
The desserts were so creative. The glass had a jelly which consisted of tomato, kiwi and hibiscus with mint, tomato sorbet.
The other dessert was a unique ginger pumpkin dish which was one of the best things I've ever had. The owner of Potager is a woman in her 30's who creates pastries with vegetables. She recently expanded to create this wonderful vegetable sushi restaurant in the chic Roppongi Hills complex.
Call 03-3497-8822 for reservations.

Thank you, Keiko san for another enjoyable dinner!

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Sean said...

Wow, this place looks amazing! When we next make it over to Japan, I want to check this place out.

I really enjoy all your food blogs!