Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Powdering the Happiness

What a great trip! Thank you to all the SWAT Members that made the such a great time. Japan is a great place and we pray for a speedy recovery!

Annual photo op started with the kids: Misaki, Kai, Brad, Andrew, Chris, Joshua, Miguel, Clay, Yuki, Minami and Kento.
The brave souls that ventured to Japan during one of the worst natural disasters. We felt that the area was safe and we'd help the recovery by spending our dollars there.
Our God-Daughter Minami...she's just a little cute!
The men of SWAT...Mike What are you doing to my boob?
The women of SWAT. Thanks ladies for all your cooking and taking great care of us. You are the best.
Go To Guy and Repo Man
We went to Annipori of OTM (Over The Mountain) for a great day of snow. Then we went to the buffet. Kid's Table.
We liked the tiny beers at the adult table.
SWAT party. We had all the boys do the dishes. It was a first.
The SWAT ceremony was lead by Green Pants and Go to Guy
We had only 40 pairs of shoes in the entry way.
The Man Cave with 8 kid's sleepig in there. It had an oder that was not...let's say roses.
First Tracks! We got up early this morning to 20cm of fresh powder!
We were rewarded with knee deep powder and some blue sky flurries.
Wrecking Ball likes the powder
Go to Guy had joined the boys and enjoyed knee deep pow pow.
The Great Race - We divided the boys into two groups of 4 and had them do a scavanger hunt in which they had to take their digital camera and take pictures to prove they were at the locations we set up. One of the pictures had to be with a pretty japanese girl. They did a good job.
Go To Guy is checking out the photos to see if they made all the stops to win the prize($80 for first and $40 for second)

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