Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pre HKG ~ a Day in Guam

On Friday, we had a free day in Guam before our night time flight and ventured to GPO and had lunch at Chili's. Russ had been skiing for a week in Niseko and arrived a day earlier to meet us in Guam. Our group was ready for fun and to start, we headed to GPO's Ross to find some party dresses. Angie found THE dress and she's excited to wear it to her b-day party!
Angie also found a pimp birthday glass at the shops and had a nice margarita, which she shared with Tina.
We also snuck in a movie at the theatres, the Matt Damon film which was only OK. After the movies, we stopped at Hornet's sporting goods and then headed to the airport to start our much anticipated Hong Kong Seven's trip!
This was the first time we had ever been to Chili's! The food was only OK but it's a fun place to hang out. The reference I have to Chili's is from the show, "The Office".

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