Friday, March 11, 2011

Quand L'Appetit Va Tout Va!

On Monday night, we had a PIC ladies' night in Azabujuban, at a restaurant called Quand L'Appetit Va Tout Va! It was fantastic! Midori san, Chikako san and Hiroko san all made it for the wonderful evening.
Yooja, Akiko and I talked about the good' ol PIC days.
We were surprised to be taken to the back of the restaurant into a private table in the kitchen. Midori san knows the owners, with whom she went to junior high. The first course was the fresh mozzarella on a spoon with basil and olive oil.
We kept glancing to the left of us as the chef created their magnificent dishes!
The second dish was a terrine of smoked fish and a vegetable which was similar to corn with a dab of olive tapenade, served with French bread.
The next course was my most favorite! Foie gras on a bed of fig jam on top of a gingersnap cookie. The foie gras just melted in my mouth!
The next course was fabulous as well... a perfectly baked puff pastry stuffed with fresh fish, swimming in a pool of fragrant basil cream sauce.
The entree was rabbit on a bed of spinach with pieces of bunny ribs decorated on top.
The desserts were wonderful. I had a pineapple cream cheese pie.
Yooja san had fresh tomato compote in basil sauce. It was refreshing, different and terrific!
Akiko san had a chocolate dessert which looked amazing... creamy & crunchy at the same time.
The other dessert option was a creamy chocolate mont blanc.
We love getting together in Tokyo for our PIC reunions. The company is great and we have so many fun memories of PIC... Guam, Phuket and Saipan.
Japanese port wine and a French dessert wine. I took sips of Yooja's glasses.
I also had some nice ginger tea to complement my dessert.
What a fantastic dinner!
If you're ever in Tokyo, call 03-3455-9551 to enjoy a delicious meal. Make reservations!

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