Monday, March 21, 2011

We are complete!

Yesterday the rest of the group came up to Niseko. Maybe Tomorrow, Molassas, Santa Clause, Mrs. Clause, Spike, Eddie, Hiroko and Kento. We had a big SWAT Party at the Powder Hound Lodge.

With Maybe Tomorrow (Yoshie) in the house, the battle of the heater began right away. Luckily Hawkeye and Maybe Tomorrow battled it out and then had a Peace agreement.
Maybe Tomorrow: It's too cold! Hawkeye: Turn the heat down!
Hawkeye doing his best impression of Babu. "Jerry, you are a very bad man!"
This shot is for Dancing Queen. We miss you honey! It was very good.
We climbed the peak on a blue bird day and here is Sir Edmund (Josh Borja) and Snuffaluffagus (Miguel Brostom), half way down the mountain. Sir Edmund earned his name because he climbed the peak on only his second day of snowboardin...strong work!
The boys up top. Just a little wind.
Man on the Mountain!
The group.
Over looking Kutchan at 4ooo feet.
Meeting of the minds. Four computers, 3.5 minds.
Jedi (Shey Owens), made a great breakfast with strawberries with cream. I am not a big fan of strawberries, but these were awesome!
After a 7 course meal at a restaurant in Kutchan Repo Man (Tony Stearns) and Hawkeye take a little shut I hear Sandy?
Bus ride to dinner.
Go To Guy showing us the snow depth and proper way to drink a Saporro Classic.

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Russ and Kanae said...

Wish I were there with all of you!
Dancing Queen!