Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy 40th Birthday, Angie!

the second hand formal (adult prom) was the theme to Angie's 40th birthday at the Chalan Kanoa Beach Club. Angie was pretty in pink and had a blast at her fun party!
Yosh & Nikki dressed up as prom goers. Back in 1987 when Yosh was a senior at MHS, he actually wore very thick glasses so we tried to dress him up to resemble that period.
I wore my sister's old dress which she wore to a 1989 UCLA formal when sequins and lace were the fashion. I had big hair while Russ wore his tails with aloha print cumberband and tie and the Shaun Cassidy wig.
Betty looked adorable while Mike wore his wedding suit jacket which fit him 23 years ago. It's a little snug now.
Angie looked fabulous, just like a prom queen!
She didn't mind it when I told her that we'll throw her in the pool at midnight. About half of the partyers stayed for the aqua party!
The pool was surprisingly refreshing and nice. It wasn't hard to get people in.
The pool party crowd. We took a group photo after we all took a swim.
Happy Birthday, sweet Angie! Welcome to the 40's club!

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