Saturday, April 16, 2011

S.W.A.T. Party at Green Pants & Bomber's House!

We picked up the Cramer Family at the airport and whisked them directly to the Johnson's for the SWAT party. Da Mooch and Maybe Tomorrow are happy to be back in Saipan, their real island home.
Molasses and El Diablo share stories about their powder runs in Niseko.
The gorgeous sunset view from Bomber & Green Pants' balcony of the lagoon.
Sleepign Beauty, Da Mooch and Bluberry sit next to GQ.
It's not a SWAT party without a game of liar's dice. The new & improved version calls for placing the dice on the forehead so everyone else can see your number.
The 2011 official SWAT T-shirt, designed by Bomber! It's definitely a "CLASSIC" which features the Kutchan "jagakun" (aka potatoboy) for his second T-shirt appearance.
Go2Guy just arrived from the States so he's all jet-lagged.
Welcome back to the Cramer's for your weekend visit and a big thank you to the Johnson's for opening up your home!

We were so happy to skype with Que Sera, Hawkeye and Snuffy as well as call Little Miss Sunshine and Jacque Sock in Brisbane for Jacque's big birthday!

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