Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy 19th Anniversary!

Russ and I were married 19 years ago today at the Saipan Mayor's Office with Wendi and John as our witnesses. Other than PIC's GM and the Controller at the time, no one else knew that we were getting married. It sneaky and fun at the same time. 19 years has passed pretty quickly and we're happy to say that we are truly blessed! Marriage is hard work and through our active participation in Marriage Encounter (the best organization in Saipan), we keep our priorities straight.

We are more in love than we were when we met and we're each other's best friends. What more can we ask for? We thank each other for the 19 years and look forward to the next 19 and so on and so on....


Sean said...

Happy Anniversary Quinns! I just realized you got married the year I graduated from high school!

Russ and Kanae said...


Miss you guys!