Sunday, May 1, 2011

Japanese Dinner

Last night, we hosted a Japanese dinner which was so much fun! I used some of my Mom's recipes and according to our guests, the food tasted great! YEA! In total, I made 10 dishes, including a Japanese non-bake cheesecake topped with Jeannie Sakovich's lilikoi jam and fresh Panama mangoes. I forgot to take a picture of that but it was tasty as everyone ate every bite!
The rice had peas mixed with some mirin and sakura (cherry blossom) salt.
The roasted eggplants were topped with freshly grated ginger, bonito flakes and a bit of soy. The green beans had a toasted sesame dressing.
The spinach salad mixed with garlic prawns, celery and mushrooms was the only dish with a bit of oil. The dressing had olive oil, Thai fish sauce, garlic, lemon juice, yuzu sauce, honey and rice vinegar.
My Mom makes a fantastic broth for fish and this was probably the best dish of the night. Russ bought sea bass which was flaky and large.
The Japanese pumpkin, called kabocha is also a family favorite dish.
My new dish was a baked chicken roll stuffed with asparagus, shrimp and egg topped with a soy/mirin glaze.
Angela wasn't shy about being first in line. We're so glad you and Bill could make it!

Jaime, Betty, Patty, Mike and Mark joined as well.
Mili dominated the liar's dice game and we loved her stories about her courtship with Jaime many years ago. Thank you all dear friends, for a lovely evening filled with food, fun, games and laughs!

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