Saturday, May 14, 2011


This weekend, we're Shea-sitting. Shea is our 4 yr old friend from church whose parents had to go off island for a few days so we invited him to stay with us. He and Russ played ball in the yard yesterday. Afterwards, we watched some Nemo and played some Wii.
Shea scored a few goals against Russ and had fun beating him in a race.
We were a little concerned if Shea would be able to sleep alone in his own room downstairs so Russ read him a bedtime story and kept all the lights on. Around 1am, Shea came upstairs to sleep between us. He made sure that Russ' arm was around him for security.
That was pretty cute.

This morning, Harley enjoyed Shea's attention, especially when he would drop some food on the floor. Shea has a new friend at the Quinn household.

Today is a big day. They're now at the beach as Russ coaches beach volleyball, then to lunch, an afternoon soccer game where Russ coaches the U11 Team and tonight, we'll head to the Taste of Marianas where Shea can play in the bouncy house.

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