Saturday, May 21, 2011

Singapura with Vicki

I was in Guam on Monday night so Vicki and I went across the street to the new restaurant called Singapura. They had chili crab so we ordered the black pepper crab claws and a romaine salad with peanut & coconut dressing. Both dishes were good so we recommend Singapura! Although I had barely half a glass of merlot, my face got flushed and I got a little tipsy. It was just a fun evening as I made Vicki walk up to Kmart in her new NineWest heels and shopped around for nicknacks and a package of Pepperridge Farm Milano cookies. We ate one each for dessert. As we were crossing the street from Kmart back down to PIC, a sedan stopped too far into the intersection so I waved my hand like I was shooing him back and he surprisingly complied. I must have looked like a traffic cop to him.

Vicki flew back to HNL early the next morning so I'm glad we got to enjoy some talk and laughter.

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