Tuesday, July 26, 2011


8 July
Free day to sightsee. Russ and I ventured to Checkpoint Charlies where upon arrival to the station, Russ remarked, "hey, there's an American checkpoint up ahead!" duh!
We toured the museum, which was very nicely presented for a couple of hours and read the history of the east/west divide. The stories accompanied photos or life-size models of actual vehicles, luggage, surfboards,speaker box where people were smuggled from the east to the west. Many of the stories were heart-wrenching.

Down the street,we read about Hitler and the Nazi rise in a panel along parts of the old wall. The historical documentation was interesting and it took while to read the stories of Nazi Germany up until 1989when the wall came down.

We returned to Ka De We for a gourmet sushi lunch and fresh strawberry, vanilla creme crepes and bought some fois grois as well. Yum!

After a short nap,we went to see the Holocaust memorial, an area with various sized concrete boxes, resembling tombs and the Brandenburg gate.

It happened to be Berlin's Fashion Week while we were there. We didn't actually see any models on the streets though.

We even found Cancun, a Mexican restaurant for the group dinner. Our waiter was the nicest server we met so far in Germany. The quote of the night was when he asked , "Mama say OK?" about Zoe having a shot of margarita. We all laughed.

Again for the second night, we converged outside for beer and stories at our hotel balcony.

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