Monday, July 25, 2011

Black Forest bike and hike

We were awakened to Juergen waking Russ up for the morning bike ride, to do e XTERRA course. In the morning, I went up to Mama's place and she had prepares breakfast for me and connected me to their wifi, so I was able to finish my month end report and enjoy the country view from her home. After three hours, Juergen and Russ returned from their ride and Mama prepared soup for is and we met Juergen's brother and his girlfriend, Bianca, both very sporty and nice. Juergen took us on a tour so we could hike around Lake Feldsee and eat lunch down near the farmhouse. Russ had his best bratwurst with potatoes and I had a traditional apple strudel with vanilla ice cream. Yum! The hike was good and made us appreciate the area all the more. For dinner, we went to a local farmhouse for a pork dinner which was decent. For a nightcap, we joined the family upstairs at Mama's for wine.
The hike around Lake Feldsee was awesome!
The apple strudel with fresh vanilla ice cream was delicious!
In the winter, this restaurant is a place for cross county skiers to get some food and relax.
The night before I had flankughen, a German pizza/tortilla.
Nice pastures seen on the bike ride.
Russ simulated the long jump.

Juergen says that he'll come back to Saipan for XTERRA 2012!
Thank you for your kind and warm hospitality!

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