Monday, July 25, 2011

Braunschweig & Wolfsburg for Game #3: USA vs Sweden

This was our long 6 hour train to Braunschweig. The train ride was comfortable and scenic. Upon arrival,we took a 30 minute tram to near the end of the line and walked another 15 minutes to the Hotel Balladins Superior in the middle of nowhere. The property had tennis courts, swimming pool, soccer pitches, etc. but it looked like we were in Bakersfield.
We left an hour later to take the tram and train to Wolfsburg. At the ESPN zone, we met Brandi Chastain, 1999 USA team member. We were certain that the US would win against the Swedes,but they lost 1-2, so we didn't have their tickets for the quarterfinals.
The girls near us were dressed up!

The referees allowed the Swedes have a penalty kick and the US' defense wasn't strong that night.

We took the last train from the stadium to Braunschweig station and there were an insufficient number of cabs so we waited an hour. We tried hailing one from across the street but it took a long while. We were the last ones to catch up and we got home after 1am.

7 July
We received a call from Elisa around 2am, asking if we made it back. We learned the next morning that they arrived just a few minutes earlier, went up to their rooms and waited for us at the lobby. Glenn was really worried and said something to the effect of "How can you talk about anything else when our friends are stuck out there in the middle of nowhere!" Needless to say, Glenn was stressed.

We had a nice breakfast and Russ joined the group soccer game on the hotel field.

All train stations offered hot dogs and sausages.

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