Monday, July 25, 2011

Heidelberg & Sinsheim

2 July
We met the Joshue family again for a mid morning coffee at a famous coffeehouse. It was nice getting to know them and reuniting with JoAnna after 20 years. We all had such fond memories of PIC Guam. JoAnna and Ted also met in Guam in 1993. After shopping and buying a cheap camera for us to download photos to the IPad, we were much happier to be able to enjoy the rest of our holiday as no store sold the Sony cable.

We later met the Shama-Thomas and Long-Griffin families at the ESPN square in Old Town. The day before, the Sharma-Thomas' met with the US coach and former US player, Brandi Chastain.

In the afternoon, we took the train to Sinsheim stadium to watch our first game, USA vs. COL. The US dominated with a final score of 3-0.

The Sinsheim Stadium was located in the middle of nowhere, but next to an Airplane Museum where they had the Concorde displayed on top of the building.

For a late a dinner in Heidelberg Old Town, rejoined those Jewell's and their German friend, Torsten. Dinner ended around midnight and we made it back to the hotel, enjoying all the events of the day.

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