Thursday, July 28, 2011

Living Large in Praha - Arcardia Residence

We woke early again to eat breakfast and catch the train to Prague. It was another six hour train ride, but this time in an older train. We found some seats in the first class section, but learned that we had to transfer to another section of the train in one hour as half of the train was traveling to Prague and the other to Amsterdam. Luckily, we found a seat with another couple and traveled comfortably to Prague. We arrived at the Praha (the Czechs pronounce their city this way) train station and were met by a driver of a black Mercedes. He took us to the hotel and we were met by Max, a nice gentleman who showed us to our upgraded apartment/penthouse located on the 5th floor of a building , near wine and cheese shops in a small alleyway.

The apartment was so spacious, a one level loft with a dining table, full kitchen with nice amenities, patio, living room with fireplace, flat screen TV, sofa, big king bed with a huge bathroom with skylight, shower, claw tub and red tiles. The loft was probably 1500 sq ft. And Max went out of his way to show us hospitality. We dropped off our bags and he gave us a short guide of the city so that we can get our bearings. We were within two blocks of the Old Town Square, which reminded us of St Mark's Square in Venice. There was a statue in the middle, a one of a kind astronomical clock, St. Nicholas Church and other impressive buildings lined with cafes facing the courtyard. He also let us know about laundry service and some nice restaurants nearby.
living room
bedroom / fireplace
cute closet
bedroom/living room/ office
huge bathroom
entry way
dining room

After staying at rather small hotels in Germany, we felt like royalty the minute we arrived in Praha with the driver and penthouse. Luckily, the Czechs have kept their own currency and the exchange rate was favorable so it was a great deal!

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Sean said...

Wow, that is quite a room. Not only is it big but so uniquely designed!