Friday, July 29, 2011

Prague - a Must-See City!

We ventured into the quaint town finally felt like we were on a real holiday, where we could relax and take in the sights. We found our way to the Red Chalkboard restaurant, recommended by Rick Steves and made reservations for the following evening.

the famous astronomical clock which "performs" on the hour every hour from 9am to 9pm.
That night, we went to the nearby tavern looking place near our loft and had a delicious meal for only $60. The trout with bacon wrapped around it with creamed spinach was yummy and Russ had the salmon with country potatoes. The decor had various farm equipment on the ceilings and it was certainly rustic. The meal was our first real nice dinner we had so we thoroughly enjoyed it. When a guy came by asking if he wanted us to buy roses, Russ said, "If you really want one, I'd get it for you." so, I said, "OK", and surprised him with my answer!! I got two white and one red rose which fit nicely in the vase on the dining room table.

12 July
We had breakfast downstairs at the cafe. Although the pancakes were good, there were no fruits in the buffet. Besides that, everything was good. We walked 25 minutes to Prague on Segway next to the US embassy. Our guide was a young woman named Theresa. She allowed us to orient ourselves on the Segways and we started the Grand Tour of Prague, hitting all the major highlights, except the castle. We toured, new town, old town, castle quarter, monastery, Jewish quarter and other areas. The Segways were so maneuverable and we operated them with little difficulty. The three hour tour was the best way to get around the city and through the crowds. We stopped at angelato for ice cream for a few minutes after the first hour for a refreshing break.
Charles Bridge - stations of the cross
Segway tour
After the tour, we walked along the area trying to find some more Rick Steves recommended restaurants, but found one called Little Buddha (Maly Buddha) where it was decorated like a cave. The vegetarian food was good and a welcome addition to our diets, starved of veggies after time in Germany. On our way back, we stopped by several jewelry stores and found the perfect "souvenir" ring which had one round garnet set in white gold with five diamonds on each side. It was my neat Prague souvenir.
We were able to rest in the loft, take a nap, watch TV and relax in the afternoon before our 8pm dinner at the Red Chalkboard. We ordered Czeck Chardonnay, salmon, ricotta stuffed chicken, chocolate fondant with strawberry ice cream and enjoyed yet another nice dinner. We sat next to an American couple from Ohio and chatted a bit as it was their first time in Prague and they were traveling on to Amsterdam. We walked through the town and strolled to enjoy a great day!

13 July
We slept in and took our time to pack, check email and check out at 11:30am. Our first stop was going back along the Charles bridge to the Castle. The castle was gothic and immense with a need of trams to get through the grounds. We only walked a portion of the compound and it was truly impressive. We even saw the changing of the guards at 1pm, a ritual that takes place each hour.

We located a vegetarian restaurant across the bridge, another Rick Steves pick. Clear Head restaurant had nice funky painted decor and we had another nice meal. I liked the apple, carrot ginger fresh juice. We stopped later for another gelato and espresso at angelato.
We tried buying souvenirs but all the shops were so cheap and overwhelming. We returned to the Arcadia office to pick up our luggage and say thanks and goodbye to Max and Pasquale. We traveled to the train station in a black Mercedes and caught our train to Zurich.

We watched the "changing of the guards" at 1pm.


Sean said...

I wish that couple from Ohio had been us! :)

Russ and Kanae said...

Wouldn't that have been great?