Monday, July 25, 2011

USA vs. COL Game Highlights

US vs. Colombia was the first official game we attended. Being in Germany for such a fantastic event was thrilling!
We dressed up to support the US team and we weren't the only ones in the crowd!
The first game we saw was at the Sinsheim stadium which seats about 25,000 people.
Mia Hamm, a former US pro player whose team won the 1999 World Cup was there and talked to the announcers in support of the US team.
Russ posed with the "Venice Beach" TRX team. We actually have a TRX at Gold's Gym Saipan.
The US team in white; Colombia in yellow.
It was great to see the US dominate!
Uncle Sam was really popular! He posed with lots of German fans as well as with our group from Saipan, Pittsburgh and Bend.Uncle Sam with Ada, Nisthah, Michah, Hunter, Ishani and Gianna.

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