Monday, July 25, 2011

Visiting Juergen in Titisee / Neudstadt ~ the Black Forest

3 July
Our train to Titisee left a little after 9am and it was a nice, scenic train ride to the mountains. Juergen waited for us at the station and he took us to the Titisee lake surroundings, which had become very popular as a tourist destination. This was the site for the original German XTERRA with the last race in 2007.
Titisee is known for its famous cuckoo clocks which have now become commercialized. We just saw a lot of tourists in the shops, enjoying the sites and the quaint town.
We had the original blackforest cake and blackforest ham pancake and took in the spectacular views of the town. The blackforest cake was really delicious!

The weather was warm and we took the afternoon to drive around the area to various towns in the area.

The one church we visited was impressive as the dome was huge. Inside, the interior was nicely decorated as well.

The room above was part of an old house that was built over a 100 years ago.
The building below was at a nearby town which looked like Disneyland.

We later stopped by the Rothaus Brewery for a refreshing drink.

We arrived at Juergen's place in Neustadt, a log cabin looking studio beneath his family's house. He was gracious to allow us to stay in his unit while he stayed upstairs with Mama, a vivacious 71 yr old mother who we saw mountain biking near the lake. For dinner, we ate some German food and returned to have a nice sleep.

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