Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birthday Bash at the Quinn's!

Yesterday, I drove down to Orange County to attend a big birthday party for Shannon, Ryan (12 yr) and Maddie (9yr). Shannon introduced me to her new "baby", Georgia T. She was "hungover" from a party weekend in LA with another dog so she was quite mellow and sweet.
Georgia is now 5 months and knows a lot of commands. Here, Shannon shows us her "high 10".
Calvin is now 7 years and got a new bike. he and Casey (5 yr) ride them around the cul de sac.
Megan, the super baker Mom, made the soccer birthday cake!
Ryan's presents were centered around Nerf Dart Tag gear. Here, he shows us his Nerf gun as the darts stick to the special Nerf vest on Mike.
Happy August Birthdays!! You're all a year older AND a year better!
The Quinn dogs: Cassie Marie Quinn (Mom & Dad's), Georgia Trouble Quinn (Shannon's), Wasabi Zidek (Mike & Lisa's). They all happen to be black, or black & white. Both Cassie and Wasabi wanted to escape from Georgia as they didn't want to play with her.
My nieces and nephews are growing older and taller! Next year, Ryan will definitely be taller than me.
And by then, Megan will have a new little girl, due on November 5th! We look forward to meeting Mia or Sophia....
Thank you all for a fun, happy party! I just wish that Russ could have been there, too!

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