Saturday, August 20, 2011

Harley Time

Last Sunday, Russ decided to race in the Butch's mountain bike fundraiser at Pau Pau so we decided to take Harley along for a walk. She's now almost 1.5 yrs. Her half birthday is August 22nd so it's coming up in a few days. She's unlike most dogs we know. Golden Retrievers are known to be so people-friendly and while she loves people, she could care less when we come home. She'll still be on her back resting and just look up at us like, "Why are you waking me up?"
She's silly that way and luckily, she's become more obedient. Marja's obedience classes were good for her.
There were about 90 cyclists and runners for the race! How great to see so many bike enthusiasts on island! It was beautiful day and I took a picture of the swirling clouds above.
On our walk up north, Harley and I ran into four horses, including this one that works at the Mariana Resort.
The cow must have heard Harley's new Swiss cow bell and started bellowing, not a mooo but a guttural errrrrrrrrow. He didn't seem happy to see us and Harley was scared.
After the bikers passed, the road was clear so we walked up to the FEBC trail and sat there for 15 minutes to rest under the tree and watch for the runners and bikers to return back to Pau Pau.
Harley had a nice walk and I'm happy that she's able to "heel" and stay by my side. Here's her happy face, side view and front view.

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