Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Not-So-Great Overnight Train

We got onto the overnight Prague-Zurich train at Praha Station and were initially disappointed with the cramped quarters which was about the size of our closet in the loft. It was two bunks with little room to move about. They were not serving dinner on the "bord restaurant" as there was no service until 4am. Thankfully, we bought our own cheese, bread, wine as snacks. We watched the scenery along a river and saw evening turn into night around Dresden. We called Glenn and Zoe to hear the score of the US Game, where the US team beat France, 3-1. Yahoo!!!!!

We traveled on the 14.5 hour night train and got ready for bed. Russ climbed to the top bunk and I woke up around 2:30am to take a Tylenol PM and sleep some more. I rested ok and we had a small box breakfast before arriving in Zurich.
Originally, we had delusions of grandeur and had anticipated an "Orient Express" type of atmosphere with a fine dining restaurant on board. Nope! So, the overnight train is highly over-rated and over-priced. Take a flight and spend a night at a comfortable hotel. This is good travel advice.

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