Saturday, August 20, 2011

FOUR Countries in Three Weeks

Since returning home from Europe on the 21st of July, we've been busy, busy, busy! Of course, we hit the offices again and luckily, summer season at PIC meant family tourists so our resort was once again hopping with guests!

Russ resumed his work at Marianas Eye to complete some pending projects and continued to coach volleyball for the upcoming Micronesia Games in Noumea, starting at the end of this month. He also resumed his spin classes at Gold's.

I then took a trip to Tokyo with our new GM and his replacement at the Aqua Resort from 7-11 August and visited the Ken Corp's head office in Roppongi. The 7th floor is dedicated to Premier Hotels & Resorts with about 50 people lined up in cubicles working for the various hotels, both domestic and abroad. Matsuyama san and Miho san are the only two who transferred from PIC Japan and are working hard to push PIC business from Japan.

On one evening, I was able to have a nice dinner with old PIC friends, Yooja san and Midori san. It was fantastic to just get together on a whim and enjoy each other's company. PIC has allowed me to make so many wonderful, lifelong friends throughout the world, for which I am always grateful.The effects of the March disasters are still evident. Power rationing is the most obvious sacrifice with stores not using A/C or using only some of their LCD lights. In the restrooms, the electric dryers are out of order as we're expected to bring our own handkerchiefs or use paper towels. The bright neon lights of Roppongi have dimmed as well at night as have Tokyo Tower.
Upon returning from Tokyo, I had five days before preparing for a 3.5 week to the states. This was unexpected because I was planning on having my ACL surgery in Guam, but somehow Dr. Bollinger in Guam notified the insurance company that he can't do it, so they referred me to Dr. Marc Samson of the Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles. So, here I am.

On my way from Saipan to LA, I stopped in Honolulu and had two hours with Vicki at a nearby takeout sushi place, which was actually pretty good! We laughed and talked non-stop for those two hours. It was fulfilling because we know each other well and can express the funniest things about each other without being offended. In LA, I had lunch with Alexa, who is now living in Hollywood, so we met at The Grove for lunch at The Farm. Just next to us, Mario Lopez was filming a scene for that night's "Extra" TV show. Alexa is a sweet, intelligent and dedicated young woman who I've known for 10 years. She was a 5th grader when I met her but now I'm proud to see that she's all grown up and engaged!!

After lunch, I met with Dr. Samson, a knowledgeable and likable orthopedic surgeon who detailed the pros of cons of surgery as well as the risks and the pros and cons of using the patella tendon, the hamstring or a cadaver's tendon to replace the ACL. I learned that in recent studies by Kaiser Permanente, the effects of an allograft (cadaver) is better with a faster healing time and positive results from athletes and people of all ages. So, I'm going with the allograft next week.

Since being back at my parents, I've been able to sleep in and wake up at 4:30am due to the jet lag, golf, shop, read Andre Agassi's biography "Open", organize my Mom's kitchen cabinets and relax. We didn't have time to relax in Europe so I guess this is it. I don't know exactly why my surgery didn't take place in Guam, but now I'm glad that it worked out the way it did!

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Sean said...

Hope the surgery goes well! We'll pray for you!