Monday, September 12, 2011

9-11, ten years later

Throughout the weekend, many of the news channels had specials on the 10th Anniversary of 9-11. We watched Dateline NBC on Friday night and sobbed during some of the touching stories. On Saturday evening, Shannon, Russ and I attended the Hope & Freedom service at Saddleback Church with Pastor Rick Warren. It was a tribute to all the people who died on that day and in Iraq/Afghanistan, the surviving family members & friends and to those who are still fighting for our freedom today. Shortly after the service began, the ushers issued boxes of tissues to the crowd and we all used them as we watched videos on those who lost loved ones years ago and recently through the longest war in American history.

Pastor Rick reminded us that the Economy and Jobs do not bring a nation together. Ten years ago after the attacks, the NFL games, congressional sessions, other organizations prayed together for the health, safety and protection of the nation. Tragedy brought the US together as a community. Since then, we've drawn apart because we no longer pray together and love each other as a nation. 9-11 also reminds us of our priorities in life. It's the people (family & close friends) that are most important, while jobs, economy, etc. fall onto the sidelines.

He also said that when people fall into desperate times or feel astonished by something, they say, "Oh my God!", "Oh my Lord!, "Jesus Christ!". People innately turn to God as someone or something they can trust to help them during times of catastrophe and strife. I'm just glad that God is there for me everyday to get through life.

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