Saturday, September 3, 2011

ACL & Meniscus Surgery

It's now been one week since I had my surgery in LA. It's taken this long to feel somewhat better as I was battling pain, headaches, queasiness, loss of appetite and low energy. I realized that it was going to be tough but I'm glad that I've been able to rest and recover at my parents' home. I initially thought that I'd have more time to do some work or photo projects, but I simply had no desire or strength to do anything. Eating was a chore and I've yet to regain my normal appetite back which is strange since I love food. I have to force myself to eat something so that I feel a bit better. The photo below shows my leg post-op. I still wear that black range of motion brace to walk anywhere so it can be cumbersome.
Since last Saturday, I've had my leg in the CPM (continuous passive motion) machine for 6-8 hours per day. It automatically straightens and flexes my knee to a desired angle. I started last week from 0-50 degrees and each day, I increase the range by 10 degrees, so today, my knee bends from 0-110 degrees, which is considered good at this stage. It's definitely no fun to be stuck into a contraption for most of the day. My bottom hurts and I get listless. Also, I've never watched so many home improvement shows on HGTV or the Food network before. I've also watched the semi-finals of the America's Got Talent show. What I do dislike are all the commercials... there are way too many!! No wonder we don't have cable in Saipan.
Yesterday, was my first post-op appointment with the doctor. We arrived a bit early but it took nearly two hours to get there so we were surprised when they called my name within a minute of check in. The nurse opened up the bandages and cleaned my knee. It was the first time for me to see it exposed. My thigh, knee and calves are nearly the same size as it's still all swollen. The sutures are the dis-solvable kind so the nurse trimmed the ends and covered the wounds with tape.

The side and back of my leg are all bruised, which is considered normal. The doctor was pleased with my progress which he said was "ahead of schedule" so that made me happy as well. All my hours in that boring CPM machine have paid off. I'll continue it for a bit longer and then do my regular exercises that I've been assigned.
After the doctor's appointment, we went to Costco to shop and it was the first time for me to sit in a mechanized cart. Of course, Russ teased me and had to take a commemorative photo. When I was at the check out line, my cart stopped moving so the clerk went and got me a new one. When it didn't start, I moved myself a bit further back on the seat and it finally moved. Apparently, there's a minimum weight requirement for these carts to move and my butt wasn't big enough. Funny, but sad at the same time.

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Bon said...

Looks like you're healing wonderfully, Kanae. We sure do miss you. I laughed at the Costco cart pic, glad Russ took it, it's so cute. I'd like to have your butt problem by the way :)