Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Dogfather

Several weeks ago, when I had my leg stuck in the CPM machine at my parents' home, I had some time to watch TV and saw an infomercial on The Dogfather. Since we've had Harley for a year and a half now, she's become a much more behaved dog, but after watching the DVD's by Don Sullivan (no relation to my brother-in-law), I started a few sessions and Harley is a changed girl. She was wild and crazy in her puppy years and did everything from chewing on our carpet, stereo & computer cables to jumping up on people and not listening to us when we called her to "come".

 Harley likes to watch the videos as there are lots of dogs in it.

For example, when we eat dinner, she used to want to be near the food and would sometimes try to sniff and/or lick the table. She now lies down 10 feet away for the entire meal and comes to our feet only when we call her.

Although her actual training session with Marja was great with other dogs and socialization, this goes a bit further. I highly recommend The Dog Father training DVD's. It's like we have a new dog!

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