Monday, October 31, 2011

Fantasy Island at Red Cross' Club 200

This year's American Red Cross 200's theme was "Fantasy Island", based on the old TV series which aired from the late 70's to the mid 80's. We arrived at the Fiesta Resort and were welcomed by "Mr. Rourke & Tattoo". The chair they used was similar to the one from the original as shown below. Tina and I posed with the Saipan Mr. Roarke & Tattoo.
We also received shell leis from the hula dancers and there was a mime at the entrance. Russ and new Saipan resident, Jeff, who is a former pro beach volleyball player.
Russ & Tim dressed up in the island theme with aloha wear.
One of the feature games was the limbo contest. Kimiko (soon to be bride in my last blog post) won! As a former dancer, she is very flexible!
We also won something this year! There was a side raffle for the Treasure Chest so we bought 7 tickets at $10 each and one of our tickets was called. I walked up to the stage alongside 9 other ticket holders and each of us picked a key from a bag. Three of the keys opened one of the three Treasure Chest locks. The other 7 didn't. The two contestants before me opened Treasure Chest #3 worth approx.$1300 and Treasure Chest #2 worth approx. $1500. I opened the last and remaining Treasure chest worth $1688 which included a list of gift certificates to stores, restaurants, golf, hotel stay, sunset cruise, Herman's Thanksgiving package, and a bush cutter.
That's the winning tool box! We'll need to stop by the Red Cross to pick up our gifts this week.

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