Saturday, October 22, 2011

Golden Love

This last week, we've had the pleasure of dog-sitting Kina, Harley's sister. Kina's parents are on holiday so Kina's with us for two weeks. Kina is actually a little older than Harley as she was #5 in the litter and Harley was #10 (the last but biggest girl). They love to play together and wrestle.
Kina loves her ball and although Harley is not a big fan, she loves the ball because she wants to take it away from Kina. Yesterday, they destroyed four toys, 2 of which I need to repair (chicken and porcupine). The rope and cloth ring are thrashed and irreparable.
Because they're sisters, they have a tight bond. They can eat and drink out of the same bowl without fighting and love to lay next to each other. It's fun to have two dogs play together. And Kina is a very sweet dog who loves people. Sometimes, she just wants to be petted by us.

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