Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy 49th Anniversary!

My parents went to Hokkaido last month to tour the various cities and enjoy ryokans with fantastic food and onsens (natural hot springs).
Here, they pose in front of the Shiretoko Goko Lakes.
Hokkaido is infamous for its fresh, abundant seafood like hokke (horse mackerel), crab, salmon, ikura (salmon eggs) and uni (sea urchin). You can find many stores displaying their goods outdoors for immediate consumption.
Natural hot springs abound all over Japan and Hokkaido has many popular onsens that not only relax the body and quiet the mind but also rejuvenates the soul.
This stream appears to be natural hot springs water.
This status is titled "nakayoshi" which means "friend".
Shiretoko toge is the mountain pass on a clear, blue day.
Tom & Midori recently celebrated their 49th anniversary so Russ and I congratulate them and look forward to the 50th next year!

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