Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jackie's M.E. Baby Shower

Erica hosted the baby shower on Sunday at their brand new shop called Sweet Escapes! They had just remodeled and opened on 11-11-11. The shop looked wonderful!
They serve coffee, ice cream and their specialty, cupcakes!
Jackie's jungle themed shower was great. Linda and Lynette made a "diaper cake" with the gorilla on top. It was seriously the best baby shower I've been to with all the fun games Boni organized.
Best of all were the ladies, our dear Marriage Encounter family. Clarie and Anicia are the true alumni for M.E. and have taught all of us how to facilitate the Steps program.
The cupcakes were brilliantly displayed in the front. I tried the lemon meringue but all of them looked so good! We'll need to stop by to pick up some cupcakes for future special events.
One of the games was to use the letters from "Jake" & "Jackie" and make new names. Our team came up with "Jack" and "Kia Jee". We didn't win but thought it was a little creative.
Another game was to use kids clay and mold a baby. Our team's baby was the one on the right. I think Clarie's baby on the left looked like an alien.
We all gathered at the front for a commemorative photo.
Jackie's baby will be born in the next few weeks!
How exciting to welcome a new baby to our M.E. family!

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Jake and Jackie said...

Hey Kanae! What a beautiful shower, awesome day and amazing loving friends. We are so blessed. THANK YOU