Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day at the Powder Hound Lodge

Dylan and Blake were up around 7am on Christmas morning. The snow was falling heavily and our house was filled with four families: the Sinclair's, Mister's, Quinn's and Sarah.

We were so happy to see Jacques Sock (aka Peter). He was already at Abucha, picking up lattes and freshly baked pastries. Of course, he said, "Merry Christmoose" to everyone. He also wrestled with the kids in the tatami room.
The Stewart's came over for the white elephant Christmas gift exchange. We had to review all the rules: Rule #1: no crying. Rule #2: A gift can be stolen 3 times. Rule #3: No direct steal backs.
The ladies enjoyed the morning with the families. I ended up with a beautiful Hawaiian turtle coffee mug.
Uncle Russ with Mitchell and Kathryn. We really need to go back and visit them in Brisbane again.

For Christmas brunch, we went to the Annupuri Northern Resort. It was a great as we remembered it from last year!
The Stewart's brought wonderful Christmas cake and Veuve champagne! thank you!!!
For Christmas dinner, we went down to Sencho #1 with 15 people. Here, the boys are now all grown up. We hadn't seen Matt, aka Enigma (second from left) for several years. Gibbo, second from left, is working up with Enigma and Mitchell for the season, cleaning condos and picking up guests.
We're really happy to have Angie and Tyce back with their 3 boys back at the Powder hound lodge.
One of the most popular gifts were the shaggy white leg warmers and the pink earmuffs.
After a big day, Peter and Dylan fell asleep in the restaurant.
It was a fantastic white Christmas with our extended PHL family. Thank you all for sharing the holidays with us.

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