Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hanazono Crab Ramen & Kutchan Sprout

Thanks again to St. Polly's Girl for picking me up to go to Hanazono to join SWAT for crab ramen. The miso broth, chunks of crab and just-right noodles were as good as I had anticipated.

Afterwards, Paula invited me to Kutchan with her and we had some caffe lattes at a cute little cafe called Sprout. They have a white hot chocolate that's supposed to be their signature creation, which I'll need to try later.
After the big lunch and coffee, I went to the Niseko Alpen Hotel's pool to swim for 45 minutes and walk in the water for 15 minutes as part of my physical therapy. Since I'm eating all this good food, I definitely need to exercise. Part of the charm of Japan is all mis-spellings, in particular, the "r's" and "l's" as shown above in the "lental" equipment.

The Sakura shop is located just in front of our house. They sell expensive Japanese trinkets and souvenirs but all very nice stuff.
The Powder Hound Lodge has plenty of snow and it hasn't stopped snowing since we arrived.

SWAT says that the slopes are amazing with fresh powder everywhere! Sarah's sister bought this wonderful strawberry, banana cake from Abucha the other night. It was as good as it looked!
So far, so good.. all is wonderful up here in the snow. This is one of my most favorite vacations of all time and we get to come here annually.

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