Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Abucha and 2012 SWAT Party

On January 2nd, the guys & Bomber surrounded GQ to watch the bowl games.       
That night,, we went to Abucha 2 for an adult dinner.
This was Mike's last dinner with the group so it was nice that we got to go out.
The entire group from the Powder Hound Lodge.
The sake was the best we've had this season. I tried searching for it in the stores but couldn't find it.
Mike tried on Tina's hat which matched his shirt.
Peter & Kathryn looking fabulous!
We returned home and commenced the 2012 SWAT party at the PHL.  One of the first items on the agenda was name changes.  Scooby became Shawn and also won the Triple Dork Award, along with Big Air and Jacques Sock.
Snuffy's name changed to Captain Jack Sparrow. Hot Tottie assisted him with the eyeliner.

Mike received his new name: Cream Puff for eating 7 cream puffs at the Annupuri buffet.
Janet's new name was Lindsey after much debate. We wanted to give her another name but it wasn't something she'd want her kids to call her so we stayed politically correct.
 The best crash award went to Rum Runner (new name change from Herminator) and Sleeping Beauty on the bunny slope. Rum Runner stacked and landed on top of Sleeping Beauty as he was descending down the steepest part of the bunny.
 Little Miss Sunshine and Dancing Queen hiked 13km from the PHL to Hanazono, a long trek uphill in the snow with very few sidewalks. It was all good, especially since we made it in 1 hr 40 minutes,  just in time to eat lunch at the 308 lodge.
  There were lots of great awards this year which will appear on the 2012 edition T-shirts.

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