Sunday, January 1, 2012

December 30th

Every other day, I've been trading off with going to the Niseko Alpen's Pool and the Hilton Niseko Village's gym. When I was walking up the street to go swimming, I looked to the left and saw the sun above the flock of Christmas trees which looked so majestic. True natural beauty emanates from the regular scenes in Niseko. There is such a calm, peaceful atmosphere amidst the crowds and fun.
That night, we went into Kutchan to shop for our New Year's Eve feast and then go to the Yotei Maru Kaiten sushi. The restaurant wanted to close 2 hours early that night but we explained that we had 25 people in our group coming shortly. The majority of our group missed the bus as it was already full and took two taxis and got a ride with Mitchell. The sushi was good but it was speed-eating as the restaurant wanted to still close an hour early at 8pm. We'll need to go back there again soon as we didn't really get to relax and dine.
This year, I spotted a new food truck called "Happy Fride Shop". Their spelling is poor as you can also see their "Well Come" sign. I haven't tried the food yet, but it may be good. As the yen is strong and dollar low, these trucks provide cheaper meals at reasonable prices.

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