Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kame, the Secret Restaurant Dinner

 The owners of Kame, used to own & operate the New Wave cottages and restaurant for many years and we became fans of the cuisine over 10 years ago.  For the past 4 or so years, they moved locations... about 10 minutes east toward Higashiyama into a larger place. Fourteen of us enjoyed the gourmet meal.
 The same chef has the open kitchen design and the courses are presented family style.
 We ate most of the smoked salmon before I was able to take a photo of it.
 The second course was roasted potatoes with eringi mushrooms. Kutchan potatoes are famous in the region. In fact, Kutchan's mascot is the potato girl and potato boy.
 The third course was flavorful parma ham on French bread.
 The fourth course was a delicious Caesar salad. The dressing had Cupi mayonnaise, wasabi, lemon, garlic.
 One of the bottles of wine we enjoyed was a Romanian merlot.
 The fifth course was fish, shrimp and broccoli with a cheese sauce.
 The teens had their own table adjacent to ours. 
 The sixth course was tasty, marinated beef.
 The seventh and last course was a spicy, garlic pepperocino pasta.
Gourmet food is one of the highlights of our trip. Each morning, we usually decide where we'll go for lunch and dinner or what we'll make at home. This meal was another plus!

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