Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve Feast & Party at the Powder Hound Lodge

Well before midnight, we had 43 people at our house getting ready for midnight. Our entrance "genkan" was stocked full of boots, jackets, gloves, masks, sweaters.
The night started early with the ladies cooking a great dinner: tofu salad, pasta with carbonara and tomato sauce, rice with hokke and/or sukiyaki beef, simmered kabocha, s'mores, ghetto popcorn with chocolate & creme brulee almonds plus tons of alcohol.
Align Center
Liar's Dice seems to be the game that everyone can play, including all the kids.
These photos go in no particular order as the last place we went was Wild Bill's, a nearby bar.
Way before midnight, the kids and some of the adults had a massive snowball fight in front of the house. I think the kids won.
Mike and Peter, happy and festive.
Tina was feeling pretty happy, dancing in the kithcen with the green fro and reindeer horns.
Russ took this post-midnight photo so I don't know who was on his left or right.
The ladies spent several hours in the kitchen prepping for the big dinner to feed 27 people.
Gibbo lost in the snowball wars, wearing only a T-shirt, no hat or gloves.
As the clock struck midnight, the adults toasted with champagne while the kids blew the party horns. Everyone was loud and merry!
Wild Bill's was really crowded so we only stayed for a little bit. We originally wanted to go to the ice bar but it had closed early. On New Year's Eve, they should stay open a bit longer.
Daniel saw a drunk Aussie guy on the ground, complaining of his knee. As a doctor, he felt compelled to go check and see if the guy was OK.
Paula and I banged on the bearskin door but the ice bar was closed. They did this last year as well. Who would close a bar before midnight?
New Year's Eve was fantastic as usual and we managed to stay up past 2am! Happy New Year!

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