Tuesday, January 17, 2012


 The last day of our winter holiday was spend with the Goodwin's in Otaru, one of our favorite cities. Otaru is about an hour and half away from Niseko by train and is located on the coast. It's an old Russian fishing village with reportedly the BEST sushi in Japan!  Along the streets were several sushi restaurants. We passed by them, admiring their food. When we arrived for lunch, we were set on visiting the outdoor grill station where they have the large scallops served with soy and butter. It was delicious!
 I also got my crab, scallop and salmon on top of rice along with kani-jiru (kani miso soup), which was fantastic!
 We stopped by the music box factory after the glass blowing shops. The coffee shop at Kitachi glass shop is all lit by lanterns and they serve the largest cream puffs I've ever seen. All six of us split 1.
 The streets had snowmen and it was still very cold.
The Otaru Canal is a famous site. We took our photo to commemorate our 2012 visit.

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