Saturday, February 4, 2012

Balmy & Busy February in Saipan

Over the last two weeks, we've experienced much cooler weather on Saipan with late nights and early mornings as low as 68 degrees F. In most places of the world, the winter months are much, much colder but since we live in the tropics, everything is relative. In the daytime, we see temperatures in the high 70's and low 80's which is quite nice.

Our week has been busy with Small Group on Monday night. Instead of starting a new study right away, we held a "Wii party night" and brought out that new Wii resort with the sports gear that attaches to the Wii remote which we bought before Christmas.

On Tuesday evening, we went over the Alvarez's for our M.E. Steps group for a nice long discussion on household roles for husbands and wives.

On Wednesday night, we had our "date night" at home with leftovers and a review of a new course that we'll likely start in a couple of months called "The Five Languages of Love". We both took the test and realized that we have different languages of love.

Thursday night, we went down to the Cepeda's for a M.E. Pillar (board) meeting and thoroughly enjoyed the company of wonderful friends. Sometimes, meetings can be boring and long. For M.E., they're lively, fun and lift our spirits!

On Friday, we attended the Whispering Palms Wine Tasting fundraiser at the Hyatt. They sold over 200+ tickets so that was nice. Tim, Tina, Angie and the other organizers did a fantastic job.

Tonight, we're having a progressive dinner with the Jewell's which should be another fun-filled night. The Jewell's have been our long time friends since 1992 and their oldest daughter will be leaving for college in the Fall so they'll be moving back to the mainland.

Our social calendar is quite full as we live on this tiny island. Many of our mainland friends are amazed just how "busy" we can be as they think that we're a lot more relaxed out here. That is true but there are so many things we can do without a lot of hassle. That's one of the many joys of living on Saipan!

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