Sunday, February 19, 2012

Marriage Encounter Valentine's Ball

Saturday was a big day. In the evening, we went to the Hyatt for the M.E. Valentine's Dinner. We had such a great time with our M.E. family with food, fun, games, dancing and raffles. 
Juanette and Linda are our steps co-facilitators and are part of our family. We thank them for their tireless love and friendship.
We joined the first game of the evening where we had to unwrap and eat a Snicker's candy bar with our hands behind our backs, using only our teeth. We didn't win, but enjoyed the Snicker's bar. The next game was the toilet paper roll and stick game where the ladies had to pick up the two rolls with their knees and then place them onto the sticks which the husbands were holding between their legs. Elly and Oleg were the big winners! 
 This is our current Steps Group: Zina & David, Sisi & Ray and Lawrence & Jennifer. We've completed 7 steps so far and have grown closer each week.
We were so happy to see Mishel & Dennis from our last group. They were enjoying themselves at the party and we hope to have a reunion dinner with them in the next couple weeks.
At the end of the evening, those who were left took a group photo. The live music, local food, games and most of all, the people made the evening so special. It was great to get together to celebrate Valentine's with our loved ones.

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