Sunday, February 12, 2012

More birthday celebrations!

 On Wednesday night, we invited a few friends for dinner at the Hyatt for Mexican night! Little Hannah is so cute!
 Yesterday, we invited more friends for a bike ride and BBQ at Obyan Beach. It rained a little early on, but then the evening was cool with lots of food, friends and drinks!
 A huge thank you to JJ for helping with everything!!
 Jonathan, we thank you for helping us out at the end. It's wonderful to have Steps kids like you and April!
 Chris and Sarah with Jordan and Shimiko with Mosi.
 The late crowd. Jun, Jonathan, Christopher, JJ and John all stayed till the very end to help pack everything up. There was lots of BTG!
 The kids were enamored with the bonfire, which sometimes got too close to the grass. The s'mores were a hit with lots of marshmallows roasting on the ends of sticks.
The ladies... just chilling and enjoying the evening.  
Thank you all for joining us for our birthdays this year!

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