Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thank you, Sales & Marketing!

 Each year, the Sales & Marketing team (now combined with Reservations) celebrates the year with a New Year's party in February as we're all busy in December and January with high occupancy and holidays.  This year was special because we were able to celebrate a particularly wonderful team. At the end of this month, Ioulia and Elly will leave PIC and move on to new paths. We will all miss them terribly but realize that change is inevitable and that great opportunities should be taken.  We can't fault them for wanting to grow in their career paths.
 Our "dream team": Heejung & Evan, Young & Brett, Otsuka san and Mami san, Kyung, Liz...
 Suren & Sergei, Marz & Zoe, Elly & Oleg, Ioulia and Adam and Russ & me.  We missed Anastasia as she had to work that evening. I would like to thank our team and their spouses/partners/friends for their support.  I will always remember this spectacular group of people who not only work well but care about each other like family.

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