Tuesday, March 27, 2012

11th Annual Saipan XTERRA Championships!

 Last Saturday was THE big event with a partly cloudy day and no rain! Unlike last year's, post tsunami race on March 12th, the trails were dry and the swim manageable.  Russ and Yosh teamed up together with Saipan Swimclub swimmer, Victoria (age 14) and had a fantastic race day! They had only decided to participate just two days prior. Here, they were competing against the team of Roxie and Max.
 I drove around the course and found Russ on several areas, including this one at the start of the Mt. Tapochau climb. He finished the bike portion in a little over 2 hours.
 Russ and Yosh run in to the finish line together at 3 hours 37 minutes. Yosh has a great 12km jungle run in 1 hour 11 minutes. Way to go!
 I caught Renata post race with a huge smile on her face as she completed an XTERRA hat trick, winning 3 consecutive weekend races in Guam, Cebu and Saipan! Congratulations, Renata! She finished in 2 hours 58 minutes!
 I took a photo with the sweet woman on the right of Bobby, who borrowed my mountain bike on race day. She came to PIC's lobby a few days ago with her road bike, wanting to participate in the XTERRA university and race. She thought that XTERRA was a road race, not a mountain bike race. She managed to finish the sport course and was so appreciative of the bike rental. By the way, she was in the 60-64 age group and competed in her first off road triathlon! Amazing!
 After Ben's hat trick wins, I took a photo with him. He and Jacqui want to return next year to do both races again. Ben's race was close as he ran neck and neck with Olivier Marceau in the jungles but Ben surged ahead on the beach portion to gain his first Saipan championship title.
 For sunset cocktails that night, we headed down to PIC early to relax with our XTERRA friends.
 This year's party theme was "funny sunglasses" so Russ showed off one of the new ones as goddaughter, Hannah, looked on.
 The top four women: Renata from Switzerland, Jacqui from UK, Carina from Austria and Mieko from Saipan.
Russ, Yosh and Victoria won first place in the mixed team category! Congratulations on their teamwork and great finish! Victoria came out of the swim as the second fastest woman, behind Jacqui.

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