Friday, March 30, 2012

Hip Resurfacing, the alternative to a Total Hip Replacement (THR)

Russ went into the hospital the other day for a pre-assessment exam, X-RAY and blood tests. You can clearly see on the X-RAY that his right hip (left on this picture) is arthritic with no more cartilage between the hip socket and femur bone. It's also enlarged as bone hits bone. This is why Russ walks with a limp and can no longer do the activities he enjoys like surfing, running and yoga.  Mr. McMinn (top doctors change their titles to Mr. after they've achieved a certain hig status here in the UK) told Russ that he is the ideal candidate for the hip resurfacing surgery as he's still young, active and has strong femur bones.

The hip resurfacing shaves off the top of the femur to implant a "golf ball and tee" looking metal device, which then glides under the metal socket which the bone can grow over to encase the metal ball.  The THR cuts off the femur and replaces the hip joint with a bigger device and while there are many success stories with THR's, those patients can never have the option to have the hip resurfacing. Hip resurfacing patients have the option, if needed, to have a THR later. 98% of the patients have had successful metal implants lasting 14 years+ (since he initiated this particular procedure).  So, we are extremely hopeful that the procedure will give Russ "a new life".  The surgery is scheduled for Tuesday so please pray for him.

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